3 Reasons Your Heat Pump in Chula Vista, CA Is Running Constantly

Heat Pump in Chula Vista, CA

Your heat pump operates in cycles to warm or cool your home. Sometimes, your unit may run continuously without stopping, which is abnormal. Here are three common reasons why your heat pump runs all the time in Chula Vista, CA.

1.Your Refrigerant Is Leaking

Your heat pump uses a liquid called refrigerant in the heat transfer process. The refrigerant moves heat in and out of your living space, cooling or warming your house as needed.

If the liquid is leaking, a minimal amount will be available to transfer the heat. For this reason, your heat pump will have to work longer hours to achieve your desired temperature.

Consider calling an HVAC professional to inspect your heat pump and repair the cause of the leak. The technician can also refill the refrigerant to optimal levels.

2.You Have an Outdated Heat Pump

Typically, your unit should last 10–15 years, after which its efficiency drops due to multiple worn-out parts. The worn-out parts cause your heat pump to work longer hours to achieve your desired temperature.

A technician can assess the system and make repairs to improve its efficiency. However, this is a short-term fix. Your best bet would purchase a new heat pump.

3.Your System Is Too Small

An undersized HVAC system means the space you want to warm or cool is large compared to your heat pump’s capability. Therefore, your system has to run for an extended period to cool or warm your house.

Consider replacing it with a correctly sized heat pump since no repairs can improve the performance of a unit that’s too small. Before your technician installs a new system, make sure they do a load calculation. This will help you get a unit that serves your home without struggling.

Spring is the best time to schedule maintenance before the temperatures start rising steadily. Reach out to West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar anytime for all your heat pump needs in Chula Vista and the surrounding area. You’ll get flat-rate pricing, and our professionals guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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