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Amid daily life, the last thing you want to worry about is the sudden breakdown of your heating or cooling system. That’s where the West Coast Club steps in, transforming the way you manage your home’s comfort systems. As a member of our exclusive club, you not only avoid costly breakdowns but also enjoy a host of perks that guarantee optimum efficiency and longevity for your HVAC and solar setups. Experience enhanced comfort, energy savings, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home systems are always in top-notch condition. Say goodbye to unexpected troubles and hello to a hassle-free, comfortable home environment.

Westcoast Club Heating

Heating Tune-Up

$120/year +$72/year per additional unit.

We’ll completely clean and inspect your furnace, inspect your home’s ductwork, filter, and airflow, calibrate your thermostat, check your heat exchanger for cracks or damage, and tighten all connections.

Westcoast Club Cooling Heating

Cooling and Heating Tune-Up

$240/year +$72/year per additional unit

Cooling Tune-Up: We’ll clean and inspect your air conditioning unit and all its working parts, lubricate its mechanical components, check ductwork, filters, and airflow, calibrate your thermostat, tighten all connections—Heating Tune-Up: All of the same maintenance and services for your furnace.

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