You Can’t Afford to Ignore These 3 Signs of an Inefficient AC in Escondido, CA

AC efficiency in Escondido, CA

Here in Escondido, CA, energy bills can be shockingly high during the hottest months of summer. To keep your bills under control this year, make sure you understand the warning signs of an inefficient AC unit.

1. Wrong Thermostat Readings

The last thing you want is a spike in your electric bill because your thermostat is mistakenly telling your air conditioner that your home is hotter than it is. Unless you have something to compare your thermostat readings to, however, it’s hard to tell if the sensors are having problems. Make a small investment in an indoor thermometer from your local hardware store and be vigilant about comparing the readings between your thermostat and the thermometer every few days.

2. Dust and Allergens in Your Home’s Air

If you’ve noticed more dust, pollen, or other allergens circulating inside of your home recently, then your AC system probably has some dirty filters. The faster you swap these filters out for new ones, the faster your AC can stop running all day and spiking your electric bill. A professional HVAC technician can change out your filters in under an hour.

3. Your AC Is Struggling to Cool Down Your Home

Dirty filters, faulty thermostat readings, and other issues will all manifest themselves as an air conditioner that isn’t effective. Escondido summers get quite hot, but a high-quality unit should still be able to cool your home down to the temperature you program on your thermostat. Instead of paying higher electric bills for worse and worse AC performance, schedule a service call to find out what the problem is.

If your Escondido energy is bill higher than ever before, you might need to have some air conditioner problems fixed before you get your expenses under control. For professional AC repair service, contact us at West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar today.

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