What Is Home Automation and How Can It Benefit You in Hillcrest, CA?

home automation in Hillcrest, CA

Over the years, advances in technology have served to give you far more control over different parts of your home than you had in the past. One of those advances, home automation, has made it possible for you to control every system in your Hillcrest, CA, home from your phone or mobile device. Understanding what home automation is and the many benefits it can provide you and your home can help you decide whether this technology is right for you.

What Is Home Automation Zoning?

To fully answer this question, it’s important to note that home automation and home zoning are two different things. However, when those two things come together, we get home automation zoning.

Home automation technology simply allows you to control any system in your home that connects to wireless internet from a phone, tablet, or mobile device. With so much technology available today, this can range from your HVAC system to your security system and everything in between.

Home zoning is a more HVAC-specific term that describes the way your HVAC system operates. When you implement zoning in your home, you can control the temperature in certain areas without affecting the temperature in others.

Home automation zoning combines those two technologies to give you greater control over different areas of your home remotely. With our home automation zoning technology, you can turn on the air conditioner on the first floor of your home remotely without wasting electricity cooling an empty second floor.

Benefits of Home Automation Zoning

There are several benefits associated with implementing home automation zoning in your home. Once you get a better understanding of those benefits, you’ll quickly realize what a good investment home automation zoning truly is.

Increased Energy Efficiency

When you compare an HVAC system that relies on home automation zoning to a traditional system, you’ll quickly realize how inefficient those standard systems are. When you set the desired temperature on your thermostat with a traditional HVAC system, it heats or cools every room in your home until it reaches your desired temperature. If there are some areas in your home that aren’t in use, your system still changes the temperature in them, relying heavily on electricity to do so.

Conversely, home zoning puts you in greater control over how your HVAC system works. For instance, if you spend most of your time downstairs and the second floor of your home isn’t used much, you can tell the HVAC system to heat or cool the downstairs without wasting the electricity needed to control the climate in unused spaces.

With the ability to control your thermostat remotely, you don’t have to let your system run all day while you’re not home. Simply turn on your heat or air before you get home, and your thermostat will only run when you need it to.

Increased Comfort

Installing a home automation zoning system in your home won’t just have an impact on your monthly utility bills. These systems also improve the comfort levels in every area of your home by letting you customize the temperature for each zone.

For instance, you may prefer sleeping in a cooler room than another member of your family. If so, you can set the zone that your bedroom drops to a lower nighttime temperature than someone who prefers a warmer space for sleeping.

The automation portion of the equation also improves comfort. When you and everyone else in your home are gone during the day, you don’t need your HVAC system running full blast. With control from your phone or mobile device, you can set the thermostat to a lower or higher temperature before you get home, so your home will be comfortable when you arrive.

We want to help you make sure that your home is both efficient and comfortable. Call West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar today to find out more about home automation zoning and all of our other HVAC services.

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