What Causes Frozen AC Units in San Diego, CA?

Frozen AC Units in San Diego, CA

Frozen AC units are something homeowners don’t want to happen to their San Diego, CA, household. It could mean an uncomfortable night for you and your loved ones. Below are three main reasons why your AC unit could freeze up and how to fix it.

1. Airflow Issues

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t have adequate air flowing through it, then the evaporator will most likely ice up. This can cause the entire unit to freeze up and stop running. Blocked vents, a clogged air flitter, or a faulty fan are the usual culprits.

Solution: If your AC freezes up due to an airflow problem, then it’s best to power it off and begin the defrosting procedure. Power on the fan and let it run for about an hour. Check and replace your air filter during this time before turning on your air conditioner again.

2. Leaking Coolant or Freon

You should frequently check your unit for refrigerant leaks that might also cause your unit to freeze up. Such a leak can lead to a drop of pressure in the evaporator coil. Then moisture starts to accumulate on the system and causes the system to freeze up.

Solution: If you face a leak, then it’s best to call over HVAC professionals to fix your unit. Alternatively, you might consider investing in a new AC altogether, based on the age of your current unit.

3. Outdoor Temperatures

The temperature of your outdoor system can negatively impact the performance of your AC. When the outside air in San Diego drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the system’s pressure drops and your air conditioner freezes up.

Solution: When your unit freezes due to a drop in outdoor temperature, it’s best to switch off the AC. Then call over a qualified HVAC technician to handle it.

Frozen air conditioners are typically a result of a minor issue that was unattended for far too long. A proactive maintenance plan will ensure you locate a problem right away and have it handled before it causes your AC unit to malfunction.

Our certified HVAC technicians can help you adopt a more cost-efficient way to protect your AC from freezing. Don’t forget the performance benefits that come with regular professional maintenance. Contact West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning & Solar today for all your HVAC maintenance needs in San Diego, CA.

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