Upgrade Your Thermostat to Reap These 4 Benefits in Oceanside, CA

thermostat upgrade in Oceanside, CA

Living in Oceanside, CA during the winter requires having an adequate home heating system. If you’ve noticed that your system isn’t working as well as it should or it costs you too much money to run, it could be time to upgrade your thermostat. Read on to learn about some of the benefits of upgrading your old thermostat to a new Wi-Fi-enabled model.

1. Accessible Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages you can enjoy from upgrading your thermostat is that you can connect to it via your smartphone or another mobile device. If your schedule changes, you can turn up the heater when you’re on the way home with a couple of touches on your app. Just imagine always walking into a warm home while still being able to afford your power bills during the long winter months.

2. More Accurate Reading

If you haven’t upgraded your thermostat in a long time, you could be using one that relies on mercury. Old dial thermostats that rely on mercury to read your indoor temperature are not as accurate. When you upgrade to a new smart thermostat with magnetic or electronic thermometers, you can enjoy a more accurate temperature reading.

3. Easier to Read

If you’re still using one of those dial thermostats, you could easily strain your eyes trying to read the temperature settings. Trying to turn the dial to exactly the temperature you want usually requires counting dashes. With a new digital thermostat, you can easily read the temperature as you walk by.

4. Programmable

Another great benefit of newer thermostats is that they’re programmable. You can set your thermostat to a lower temperature when you aren’t going to be home to save money on energy.

Then, you can program it to turn your heating system on about an hour or so before you arrive home. If you’re ready to have a new thermostat installed, give West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar a call to schedule your installation appointment today.

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