The 7 Essential Components of a Home Comfort System

We depend on our home comfort systems to keep us toasty in the winter and cool in the heat of summer. When it comes time to purchase new heating and cooling equipment there are some critical guidelines to follow to ensure that we choose the optimal system for our home. Let’s review seven essential components of efficient home comfort systems.

  1. Efficiency – If you choose an Energy Star rated system and have your heating and cooling expert properly size the unit for your home, there are several ways that you might be able to take advantage of significant savings. First, Energy Star rated systems typically save homeowners up to 20% off the total of their yearly energy costs. That can really add up! Additionally, many local utility companies offer discounts to homeowners who purchase one of these systems and last but not least, you may qualify for a substantial tax rebate.
  2. Reliability – Home comfort systems are one of the most costly investments that homeowners make in their homes. When purchasing such a critical and expensive piece of equipment, you want to be sure that you choose a reliable unit from an industry leader.
  3. Quiet Operation – Besides having a reliable and energy efficient home comfort system, you want one that is quiet. Air conditioning units can be quite loud in general, so you want to look for one that takes advantage of sound-reducing technologies.
  4. Optimized Air Flow – Typical HVAC equipment motors function at one speed and produce a steady stream of air. This requires the equipment to have to keep cycling on and off. Choosing a unit with a variable speed motor provides the most efficient air flow.
  5. Stable temperatures – Single-speed air conditioners also cause significant variations in temperature between the thermostat and actual indoor air temperatures. A variable speed or two-stage system will assure accurate temperature control.
  6. Balanced Humidity – To ensure optimal moisture levels in your home, it is wise to choose a thermostat that balances temperatures and humidity.
  7. Healthy air – Attaching an air cleaner to your equipment will greatly reduce indoor air pollution.

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