Save on Cooling Costs: Insulating Your House for the Summer

There are a lot of people who are diligent about putting up window film, installing weather strips and placing draft blockers at their doors during the cold winter months, but what about during the hot summer? Most people don’t consider it a necessity in the summer, but the truth is that just as the biting cold air sneaks into homes during the winter months, the same holds true for the hot, humid air of summer.

The same practices that people use during the winter should be used during the summer when the air conditioning is running non-stop, trying to keep up with the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat. There’s no reason to run up your San Diego heating and air conditioning bill and use up much more energy than you should when it’s hot outside! You can save up to $200 or more in one summer season by making sure draft portals are sealed, bad weather stripping on doors and windows is replaced, and keeping those draft blockers at the bottom of the doors.

Many people also do not realize just how much heat soaks into a home through the windows; when the morning or afternoon sun shines through glass, the heat is magnified inside the home, and can actually raise the house temperature by 10 degrees, 20 degrees or more! This can put a tremendous toll on your air conditioning unit as well as your wallet. Purchase some thermal blinds or insulated window treatments, and be sure that you close them during the hours when that hot sun is shining right through them. By participating in these simple and affordable measures, you’ll extend the life of your air conditioning unit and also save a surprising amount of money on your San Diego heating and cooling bill as well.

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