Professional Contractors Can Save You Money

These days, everyone is looking to cut costs. But a penny saved can sometimes be a lots of dollar lost.

Moonlighters and handymen may charge less, but, in the end, they wind up costing you more.  Sure, maybe they do an okay job.  But you take risks when you hire them.  And you may never be able to get them back when you need them for maintenance or, worse, to address a problem that doesn’t arise until long after you’ve paid your invoice.

Moonlighters typically lack specialty trade licensing, do not carry workers compensation insurance for employees, and liability insurance. Usually, they cannot permit the work they perform because they are operating illegally. 

If the work performed is part of an insurance claim, check with the insurer before work begins to see if they require work to be performed by a licensed contractor and properly permitted. You do not want to discover a requirement for permits to ensure the work complies with building codes after the fact.

When uninsured moonlighters or handymen injure themselves while working on your property, you are legally responsible. You might be liable for medical expenses, for compensation if the individual cannot work, and for pain and suffering.

Should a handyman make a mistake and damage your property, he is unlikely to have insurance to cover the loss. You may be stuck with the deductible and if your property valuation is not up to date, you may not be able to fully replace your loss. Plus, if you file a claim against your homeowner insurance, you will probably face higher premiums going forward.

A professional contractor, such as the good folks here as West Coast Appliance Services, are fully licensed and insured.  We’ll work with you to  present options and suggest ways you might save money.  And we’ll always be available to fix a problem. We’re a family business, we’ve been around for more then 15  years and we will continue to be for generations to come. We’ve built our business on providing customers service and equipment that meets their budget and saves them money over the long haul.

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