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A lot of times, we tend to skip out on the extended warranties that are offered to us thinking, “I’ll never need to use it!”.

Well, first off, at West Coast Heating and Air, we’re offering a Free 10 Year Certified Extended Warranty on Labor, and second, trust us, just because you may not need it, you’re going to want to have that warranty as a back-up plan!

We are very confident in our HVAC products, they’re very reliable, but even the most reliable home appliances will eventually break-down. If that ever happens, you may be surprised as to what goes into an HVAC maintenance. It is a lot of work, and it can get expensive.

Below is just a brief overview of what goes into an HVAC maintenance – and hopefully a convincing argument to take your extended HVAC warranties seriously!

If you’re wondering what is involved in an HVAC maintenance, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s the big deal?

Would you like to work in an office that lacks proper ventilation and air circulation? Definitely not right, because it may be sweltering and stuffy in the summer, and frosty and downright cold in the winter. Without lighting, water or heating and cooling, a building whether it is home or office would be uninhabitable. That’s why HVAC maintenance is a must.

hvac maintenance

Most people think that HVAC maintenance may not be worth the investment, but preventative maintenance is much cheaper than replacing a burnt out unit.

HVAC system maintenance isn’t expensive compared to what you might spend if your fan coils or heat pump fails. For instance, if you have equipment that has a forecasted life of 10 years and costs $10,000 for maintenance, you’ll spend $20,000 from the first cost to replacement at the 10-year mark.

However, if you fail to maintain the unit and it failed at the 5-year mark, you’ll have to spend nearly $30,000 i.e. $20,000 for replacing the unit after every 5 years and $10, 000 on its maintenance.

hvac maintenance tips

Save some money; HVAC maintenance is well worth the investment. Hereafter, make sure you maintain your HVAC system twice a year. To do this, it is recommended to hire a professional of HVAC repair San Diego. The professionals do the following for you:

  1. Accumulated dirt and dust make the fans work harder, professionals clean those fans to increase system performance, equipment life and reduce allergens in your building.
  2. Cleans the heat transfer coils in the pumps, air conditioners, and chillers. They make sure there are no leaves and plants on the outside coil and straighten the bent coils. This will increase the capacity of your system and saves energy.
  3. HVAC repair professionals inspect ducts and piping for leakage or damaged insulation. Leaky ductwork and unconditional spaces are the major contributors of cooling loss. Your service provider will correct the leak ducts once they detect it.
  4. They also identify the areas in your unit that are unused but are being conditioned.
  5. Technicians also check the combustion efficiency of the boiler and report the results along with suggestions to improve it.
  6. Inspect the oil fan motors. Any fault detected are repaired or replaced immediately. Along with the oil fan motors inspection, technicians repair old valves and steam traps.

The final part is yours, once your technician checks all the necessary parts of the HVAC system, it’s your responsibility to continue the maintenance process twice in a year. Think of HVAC maintenance in the same way as the preventive maintenance of your car and reap the benefits.

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