Does an Air Conditioner Purify the Air?

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Yes, an air conditioning unit can purify the air. Many things will depend on the level of the pollution, the type of filter installed in your AC unit, and maintenance of the filter. Theoretically, an AC unit can remove pollutants from your indoor air. But practically, it is not that effective to kill all the contaminants and allergens.

Your indoor air quality is ten times more polluted than your outside surroundings. An air conditioner can help to purify the air to some extent, but not completely.

Air conditioner filters can remove dust, pet hair, and pollens from the indoor air. But they are inefficient to remove the smallest particles such as the PM 2.5. These particles can be harmful, especially when you are suffering from respiratory problems.

How Filter Helps to Remove Pollutants

Many things will depend on the type of filter. If it has a HEPA, then it can remove more pollutants. Some other filters might not remove pollutants effectively. When the filter is not well-maintained, it cannot remove contaminants. It is essential to clean your filter and improve its efficiency to make it better capable of removing maximum pollutants from your indoor air.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Your AC Filter Ensure Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key to success. You will have to check and clean the filter regularly to improve its efficiency. A clean filter can remove pollutants more effectively. You can expect the adverse effects with dirty and poor maintained filters. For a better result, you can consider taking the help of an air conditioning service Escondido. These thoroughly experienced professionals will help you in every possible manner to improve the efficiency of your system.

Replace the Filter

When cleaning the filter does not work, you can consider a replacement. Here also, you can take the help of an AC company Escondido. They can guide you depending on the condition of the filter. They might suggest you regular cleaning if the filter is in good condition. You can also check your filters once in a couple of weeks. If you avoid regular cleaning, then the accumulated dirt will attract more pollution. In the end, you will not be left with any other choice except replacement.

Clean the Evaporator Coil

To clean an evaporator coil, you might need an air conditioning installation Escondido service. The evaporator coil cannot be cleaned without an expert. You will have to clean the evaporator coil regularly to maintain your indoor air quality. It does not have to be cleaned monthly. Yearly cleaning will serve the purpose. You can simply check it when you changer the AC filter to know the condition.

Clean Ducts

Make sure that ducts are tightly sealed. Also, you need to clean the ducts regularly since these are open to the attic. Clean them by professionals to eliminate an endless source of pollution.

Your AC unit can purify the air effectively if you choose the right equipment. Also, proper installation and regular filter change will contribute to the result.

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