5 Problems Caused by Dirty Furnace Filters in San Diego, CA

Dirty Furnace Filters in San Diego, CA

Air filters are a critical part of your San Diego, CA, HVAC system. While they may seem inconsequential, letting them get too dirty will cause a host of preventable issues. Here are five potential problems a dirty air filter can cause.

1. Higher Utility Bills

Air filters prevent contaminants from clogging up the components further in your HVAC system. However, as the filter collects those contaminants, less air moves through them. Reduced airflow translates into longer heating cycles, driving up your utility expenses.

2. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air finds the path of least resistance into your HVAC system. If the filter clogs, then cracks and other areas become easier for air to enter. This causes many of those contaminants to continue circulating back out into your home as your system cycles.

3. More Furnace Repairs

The restricted airflow through your system means the heat gets trapped in your system rather than circulating out. This added heat puts excessive wear on your system’s components, leading to additional heating repairs. Simply changing your air filter regularly helps prevent many heat-related problems.

4. Reduced Comfort

The reduced airflow through your system also means reduced airflow into your home. A common complaint associated with dirty filters is the inability of the system to reach the desired temperature. Even if parts of the house reach the right temperature, you’ll experience inconsistent temperatures throughout your home.

5. Shortened Service Life

The additional heat your system retains when it cannot circulate enough air may not seem like a big deal. However, components like your heat exchanger are very sensitive to too much heat, causing the metal to weaken. When something like the heat exchanger cracks, it means you’re likely looking at replacing your system prematurely.

In addition to changing your filters, your furnace needs routine maintenance to reach its full potential life. Schedule your HVAC maintenance with our expert technicians at West Coat Heating, Air Conditiong and Solar today.

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