4 Telltale Signs Your Heat Exchanger Is Cracked in Carmel Valley, CA

cracked heat exchanger in Carmel Valle, CA

Your furnace’s heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of the unit. It is responsible for heating the air in the furnace, so if it has been damaged your furnace will not be able to function properly. Here are four telltale signs that you have a cracked heat exchanger in Carmel Valley, CA.

Furnace Flame Issues

The correct color of a furnace flame is blue. If you notice that your furnace flame is not blue but another color like yellow, this is a sign that your heat exchanger might not function correctly. A yellow flame can indicate that your heat exchanger is damaged or that your burner needs cleaning.

Strange Smells

Strong and pungent aromas are another sign that your heat exchanger has damage. A cracked heat exchanger may produce noticeable, nauseating smells as it leaks chemicals. If you notice a strange smell coming from your furnace, hire a professional for heating repairs immediately.


Cracked heat exchangers can also produce a lot of soot because the malfunctioning system is not completely burning the gas inside the furnace. This can cause a lot of soot to leak out of the system. This problem can also cause water to leak out the bottom of your furnace.

Developing Illnesses

If you or your family start to develop flu-like symptoms such as headaches, skin irritation, disorientation, or nausea, this is a sign that your heat exchanger has damage. Your cracked heat exchanger could leak toxic chemicals into your home and cause your family to feel sick. This is a huge sign that you need to get your home inspected immediately before their illnesses become severe.

A cracked heat exchanger can cause a multitude of problems for you and your family, including making all of you sick. Contact us at West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar for your heating repairs and other HVAC services.

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