3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer in El Cajon, CA

cooling tips in El Cajon, CA

Keeping your home cool can increase your energy bill during the summer, but there are strategies to reduce the impact on your wallet. Here are a few cooling tips to keep your home comfortable during the summer while saving money on energy bills in El Cajon, CA.

Open Windows and Close Blinds

Opening your windows during the night can help you cool your home while you sleep. Cool air enters your home from outside to replace warm air inside your house. This is a cost-effective way that will help you reduce your energy bills.

Keeping your blinds closed can help you keep your house cool too. Blinds can block or absorb heat from the sun and lower your midday temperatures.

Ceiling fans are also a great way to cool your home during the summer. Fans help to circulate cool air in the house. Set your fans to rotate counter-clockwise for maximum effect.

Efficient Use of Appliances

Electrical appliances generate heat while they are in use. Doing your chores at night can help to keep your home cooler during the day.

In addition, cooking outside can help to keep your home cool. The oven generates heat in the house, so using the grill for a barbecue can help you save on energy bills.

Maximizing the use of a programmable thermostat can also help you adjust your home temperatures efficiently. Smart thermostats have learning features that can customize your cooling schedule to save energy.

House Exterior

Planting trees and shades strategically to block direct sunlight can help to cool your home during the summer. This is a long-term but cost-effective way to ensure that you keep your home cool during the summer.

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