When Is the Right Time to Replace a Heat Pump in San Diego, CA?

Heat Pump Replacement in San Diego, CA

Living in San Diego, CA, means you have to use your heat pump on occasion. As long as you get an annual tune-up for it, the heat pump should last 1015 years or possibly longer, though you may need one or two repairs each year. Below, we’ll discuss some common signs that could indicate you need to replace, rather than repair, your heat pump.

Your System Requires Frequent Repairs

Maybe you’ve requested more than one or two heat pumps repairs this year. This shows that whatever the technicians have done for your system cannot reverse its declining performance. If your heat pump still suffers from abnormally short or long cycles, blows out lukewarm air, or leaves some rooms cold, then stop putting money into repairs and opt for a new system instead.

The Need for Costly Repairs

Perhaps your heat pump has broken down completely and a technician has told you it needs a new motor or a new compressor. Such components can cost well over $1,000, which makes a complete replacement more cost-effective in the long run. Consider your system’s age, though; if it’s less than 10 years old, replacing the component may be wiser.

An Oversized or Undersized Heat Pump

If your heat pump’s heating capacity doesn’t fit your home’s size, then you can do nothing except replace the system. Oversized heat pumps will short-cycle and leave you feeling cold while undersized systems will struggle to reach your set point and so rarely shut off.

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