Using Ductless HVAC to Institute Home Zoning

home zoning in Chula Vista, CA

Many homeowners in Chula Vista, CA are trying to find ways to make their households more energy-efficient. Others simply want to improve the level of comfort they experience at home. Using ductless HVAC to create home zoning can achieve both of these goals at the same time.

How Home Zoning Works

A lack of HVAC zoning in modern homes can contribute to inconsistent comfort and excess energy use. One common example is when a two-story home without a zoned HVAC system experiences an upstairs that’s too hot during summer or a downstairs that’s too cold during winter. Whether you prefer a traditional setup with both an AC unit and a furnace, a heat pump, or a hybrid system, home zoning offers unparalleled comfort and control.

These systems divide your home up into separate zones that are each controlled by their own thermostat. This allows everyone in the house to set their area’s thermostat to their ideal temperature. Another advantage of home zoning is that it lets you conserve energy by not heating or cooling rooms that aren’t being used.

Ductless HVAC Systems and Home Zoning

One way to institute zoning within your hoose is to use ductless multi-split systems. This method is ideal for homeowners who are interested in the benefits of zoning but don’t currently have ductwork in their homes. A multi-split is simply a ductless system in which there are multiple indoor air handlers all connected to a single outdoor compressor.

Since each air handler can be controlled individually, using ductless multi-splits to achieve home zoning is rather straightforward. However, choosing the right equipment and determining the best configuration can still be a tricky process. Likewise, properly installing ductless equipment requires a level of knowledge and skill that the average homeowner simply doesn’t have.

Find out if Home Zoning is Right for yYu

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