The Heat is Coming: Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Proper air conditioning maintenance can not only help keep you cool in the hot San Diego summers, it can also save you money. Cooling equipment that is regularly maintained is less likely to break down and it runs more efficiently, keeping your monthly utility bills low.

The key to staying cool all summer long is servicing your equipment before the summer heat hits. That way, you won’t have interruptions in service and you can avoid costly repairs. Annual pre-season air conditioner maintenance should include the following activities:

Adjust thermostat settings – as the the seasons change, your indoor air temperature preferences will change too.
Inspect and clean the condensate drain – a blockage here can increase indoor humidity levels, or worse, cause water damage.
Clean evaporator and condensing coils – dirty coils reduce energy efficiency and make your equipment work harder, shortening its life span.
Check the refrigerant level – improper levels decrease energy efficiency. If necessary, make adjustments according to manufacturer specifications.
Clean the blower – restricted air flow will cause unnecessary decreases in efficiency and will negatively impact your home comfort.
On a monthly basis, check air filters and change them, if necessary. In addition to build-up of dust and other particles, a dirty air filter will restrict air flow and potentially damage your heating and cooling equipment.

The best way to be sure your regular air conditioning maintenance is done properly is to have your equipment semi-annually serviced by a professional. In addition to the peace of mind this provides, you can enjoy the other benefits of an annual maintenance contract, such as discounts on parts and labor, priority scheduling, and transferable agreements.

Conditioned air provides both semi-annual air conditioning maintenance agreements and single service calls, but regardless of which option you choose,now is the time schedule routine maintenance. The hot summers in San Diego keep us busy with emergency calls. You don’t want to find yourself waiting in the heat for a repair that could have been prevented with some simple pre-season maintenance procedures.

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