The Difference Between a Single and Variable-Speed AC in Vista, CA

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If you own a central AC in Vista, CA, it’s most likely a single-speed type, which runs at one constant speed and 100% capacity during each cycle. If replacing it is on your mind, consider a variable-speed AC as an energy-efficient alternative. Variable-speed AC systems differ from single-speed models in certain ways, as you’ll see in this blog.

It Adjusts Its Speed

Variable-speed ACs start off by blowing out at 100% capacity, but as the home gets cool, they slow down and reduce their output. Sometimes, it can cut down its output to as little as 25%. By contrast, a single-speed AC simply shuts down when it reaches the set point, only to turn on again when the temperature rises.

Variable-Speed ACs and Zoning

Perhaps you want dampers and zoning controls for your AC. Beware of installing these if your AC is a single-speed system because you may wind up damaging the motor and causing uneven cooling. Variable-speed systems, though, can adjust to these varying needs.

Energy Savings

The main advantage to owning a variable-speed AC lies in the energy savings. Since it doesn’t always run at 100% capacity, it minimizes energy usage. It also avoids the spike in energy use that occurs whenever a system starts up.

Fewer Repairs

Start-up also puts wear on a motor, so it makes sense that variable-speed ACs see only a minimum of such wear. You won’t need to get so many AC repairs throughout the year, then. Besides that, a variable-speed AC lasts longer.

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