The Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner


Like with most seasonal products and commodities, there has been much debate over the best time to buy an air conditioner. Should it be the summer, when you need it most? Perhaps wait until the winter in hopes of getting a great price while demand is low—after all, how many people will be buying a central air conditioner during the coldest months of the year? The truth is, however, that neither is the best time to buy and the reason may surprise you.

Not the Summer or Winter

Though there may not be a need for a working air conditioning unit when the temperatures are below freezing outside, the winter months still prove to be a busy time for sales. While air conditioning and heating companies are generally consumed with demand for furnace replacements and repairs, many people take this opportunity to save on delivery and installation costs by having their air conditioner replaced at the same time. Similarly, when the temperature begins to rise, the demand for central air conditioning once again rises, too, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a good deal—due to supply and demand, prices remain consistently high and bargains are few and far between.

The Offseason: Working Opposite the Market

If summer and winter are saturated with high-prices and an increase in demand for installations, where does that leave you? Like with any market, for a great deal, the best time to buy is in the offseason—in the case of air conditioners, that’s spring and autumn.

It stands to reason, too. During the months of March, April and May, the weather is cool enough that many people aren’t yet thinking about turning on or replacing their A/C unit, nor is it warm enough to have the furnace running full time. With a drop, in demand for repairs and replacements for both, it not only frees up contractors to install a unit, but you’ll likely find a great price too. The same can be said during the autumn months. September, October, and November often offer mild temperatures that don’t require the need for air conditioning and the drop-in sales will allow you, the consumer, to leverage a deal with a sales associate and get the best deal possible. In the case of purchasing a new air conditioning system, it truly has less to do with the cost of the product and more to do with how busy the contractor installing it is. During the slow seasons, contractors will be more willing to make a deal for you in order to keep their install crews busy.

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