If you’re like many other busy homeowners, you may be putting off your springtime air conditioner maintenance. Unfortunately, that first really hot day could arrive sooner than expected, and when you turn on your unit, it may not cool your home the way you want it to. Over time, air conditioning units become dirty and can develop leaks. These not only hinder your unit’s cooling power, but also drive up your energy bills. Timely maintenance is essential for your unit’s efficiency and longevity.

Now’s the best time to give your air conditioner the attention it needs. Here are two key components of your springtime air conditioner maintenance. You can do both of these yourself.

Although you can do a more thorough cleaning yourself, it’s generally a good idea to call in an HVAC-system pro to give your unit the kind of expert attention that maximizes efficiency and nips any problems before they become big issues. During an air conditioner tune-up your service technician will check for and correct problems including:

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