Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning System

Central air conditioning is indeed a delight during the hottest months of the year, but just like anything else, in order to enjoy the cool air that these systems provide year after year, some maintenance and upkeep is required. But don’t worry- much of the preventive maintenance can be done without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and some things you will even be able to do for yourself, without calling a San Diego HVAC professional. Maintenance of these units is often a matter of simply being diligent.

That being said, if at any time you do not feel comfortable performing any type of cleaning or maintenance on your air conditioning unit on your own, you should always call a San Diego heating and air professional to do it for you. One of the most basic steps you can do on your own is cleaning the air filters and replace them when necessary. You shouldn’t have to change filters more than once per month, and usually every other month is sufficient enough for changes. Be careful about using the thick, allergen-trapping, quadruple-layered filters; sometimes they can actually be too thick, which prevents air from flowing through your system!

Another thing you can do yourself is to clear debris from around your outside unit. This will not only improve the air circulating and flowing through your system, but because of that, it will also help you decrease the amount of energy you consume to cool your home and will lower your energy bills as well. Most people are perfectly comfortable with changing their own air filters and clearing debris from around their units, but it is maintenance on the specific other parts of central units that make most people pick up the phone to call a pro. If you are looking to preserve your central air conditioning unit and make sure it is operating efficiently for as long as possible, be sure that you schedule professionals in heating and cooling in San Diego to come in and check on your unit every spring and fall, before the hot and cold seasons arrive and make a commitment to maintaining proper upkeep on it.

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