Lessen Your Carbon Footprint with a Heat Pump in Vista, CA

Air Heat Pump And House

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for their quiet operation and energy efficiency. They can extract heat from the house to cool your home in spring and summer. Learn how a heat pump can lessen your environmental impact in Vista, CA.

Can Move Heat Energy for Both Heating and Cooling

Generally speaking, heat pumps work on the same principle as a refrigerator. A heat pump runs the refrigerant cycle to pull warm air indoors to heat the room in winter.

As temperatures rise in spring, the heat pump will reverse the process. It absorbs heat energy from the building and dispels it outdoors.

A heat pump can also heat water as a standalone system. Since most households use 20% of their energy on hot water, a heat pump can reduce your utility bills considerably.

Do Away With Fossil Fuels

Many homes still use natural gas systems to heat and cool their homes. Natural gas HVAC systems like furnaces burn fossil fuels and produce toxic gases like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Additionally, natural gas releases methane during its extraction from the ground. Environmental experts consider methane to be more harmful than CO2.

Heat pumps use electricity to dispel or absorb heat from the house. Heat pumps don’t need to burn fossil fuels to keep your home comfortable in San Diego County.

Reduction in Electricity Consumption

One problem with electrical systems is that the electricity could be from a fossil fuel source. Fortunately, heat pumps will only consume a fraction of the energy that conventional systems require.

Since heat pumps extract heat energy, they can deliver two to four times more energy than they consume. That means your system will consume one unit of electricity for up to four units of cooling output. Therefore, even if the electricity is from fossil fuels, your carbon footprint will be lower than conventional systems.

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