Guaranteed San Diego HVAC Services Only Come from West Coast Appliance Service

Finding a reliable San Diego HVAC contractor can sometimes be frustrating. It’s most likely that you’re experiencing problems with your heating, ventilation or air conditioning while you’re in need of the relief they provide. So not only are you in need of someone to repair the system, you dealing with the discomfort of not having a properly functioning system. This state of vulnerability makes it easy for a San Diego HVAC contractor to take advantage of your situation.

At West Coast Appliance Service, we work hard to put people at ease with our services so that they feel they are being treated fairly. Our upfront pricing policy means we provide the actual cost of the repairs or service prior to doing any work. This is the cost that will be on the final bill. Other San Diego HVAC contractors charge by the hour, so when they assess the problems you’re having, they are only able to provide an estimate on the cost of the repairs. That can lead to the final bill being much higher than the estimate if the work takes longer than they say they expected.

After we determine the cost of the repairs for your work, you’re free to shop around and see what others will charge but none will be able to give you a firm price the way that Clear The Air will. And we guarantee to fix your  air conditioning or heating system, or we’ll return and fix it again for free. That’s something else you won’t find with San Diego HVAC contractors

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