Are Your Summer Energy Bills Too High in El Cajon, CA?

energy bills in El Cajon, CA

Does this time of year have you holding your breath each time your electric bill arrives? Now that summer has arrived, so has the likelihood that energy bills in El Cajon, CA, will be going up. Here’s what you can do to help keep your energy bill in check this summer.

Pay Attention to Your Air Conditioner

During the summer, the cost to run your home’s air conditioner can account for almost half of your electric bill. For this reason, you want to make sure that your HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible. You can do this by:

  • Having your air conditioner professionally maintained at the beginning of the season
  • Inspecting your HVAC air filters each month and replacing them when they’re dirty
  • Setting your themostat’s temperature to 78 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Raising the temperature four to seven degrees higher when no one is home
  • Upgrading to a new air conditioning system if your current equipment is more than 10 years old

Close Blinds During the Hottest Time of Day

Keeping your blinds or shades closed during the hottest part of the day can help keep the heat from radiating in through your windows. If you still want natural light coming in, opt for solar shades or other window treatments that allow only light to filter in.

Be Aware of Energy Wasters

Ceiling fans are great for circulating the air in your home, which can help make you feel cooler. However, they do not create cooled air. Therefore, running fans in unoccupied rooms can be an energy waster. Turn off fans when rooms are unoccupied.

Small appliances and chargers for small electronic devices along with electronics that go on standby for a faster start-up all draw electricity when they’re not in use. By unplugging such items when they’re not being used, you could potentially reduce your electric bill up to 10%.

Serving the El Cajon, CA, and Surrounding Area

If you haven’t had your air conditioner serviced yet this season, you still have time. Contact West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar to schedule your preventive maintenance appointment now.

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