A Guide to Improving Airflow in San Diego, CA

Improving Airflow in San Diego, CA

Air particulates aren’t always visible, but once they build up within your HVAC, your airflow and air quality decreases. Without proper airflow within your HVAC system in San Diego, CA, you’ll adjust your thermostat but may not achieve your intended settings. Here, we take a better look at proven steps that improve the airflow in your building.

Keep Your Vents Clear of Obstructions

Consistent use of your heating or cooling is enough to eventually obstruct your vents with particulates. You might even find that you’ve mistakenly placed furnishings right where your HVAC vents are.

Having a professional check your humidity level is an additional step in diagnosing why your vents aren’t aerating. Though you can wipe some vents down with a dry cloth, ask for professional help if your vents have matted dust that’s sealing them shut.

Ensure There Aren’t Air Leaks

Duct joints are where servicemen look when inspecting your HVAC for air leaks. Air leaks not only stop fresh air from traveling throughout your ductwork but also lower your HVAC system’s internal pressure.

The air you then receive is less forceful, and this results in little heat in the winter or too much heat in the summer. During our inspection, we inspect your insulation for issues.

Clean the Air Filters

Homeowners can save more on energy costs when their air filters are clean. Keeping your filters clean not only leads to proper airflow, but it can extend the expected life of your HVAC system.

Once your HVAC technician determines your needs, you can choose between temporary or permanent filters. Though a temporary filter might be urgently needed, permanent filters save you more money over time.

Install Larger Ducts

Sometimes, the HVAC ducts you have aren’t big enough. In other cases, your ducts are too small for the space you have and the air pressure it needs. Though larger ducts can be a solution, pressurizing your building may call for “something in the middle.”

Ducts that are too large will force your heating or cooling unit to overwork with little results. Ventilation passages that are too small, however, can increase static pressure, which won’t allow your temperature settings to work properly.

Add a Mechanical Ventilation System

If you find that you have a constantly dusty home, a ventilator will help. These systems reside in your ductwork and can work with heat and cooling.

Ventilation systems improve airflow in your home from outside. This can help if you have gases from propane appliances building up in your home.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

The individual parts of your entire HVAC system all relate to proper airflow in some way. Moving air is central to heating or cooling your spaces, so doing routine inspections on your entire system is a sure step toward better airflow. Scheduled-HVAC maintenance gives your technicians a way of staying ahead of your needs.

Maintenance helps us to devise mitigation plans for emerging problems, which results in timely solutions. It’s important, however, to request routine maintenance rather than random appointments. Though you might have concerns with your HVAC system today, it’s easy to overlook maintenance if it’s not on a set schedule.

Call West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar Today

The steps above aren’t just about achieving airflow, for air quality is also determined by the proper function of your ducts, filters, and vents. Call West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar to get your maintenance into a steady schedule in San Diego, CA. Get started today but with less hassle than you might now realize.

As a family-owned residential AC service, we emphasize honesty, integrity, quality work, and excellent customer service. Our experts provide flat-rate pricing, a lifetime workmanship guarantee, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our customers. At West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar, we’re committed to providing top-of-the-line products and industry-leading value.

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