6 Ways to Tell You Need Heater Repair in Oceanside, CA

Heater Repair in Oceanside, CA

The purpose of a heating system is to keep your household comfortable throughout the colder months. Since heaters are complex appliances, they can stop functioning when you least expect it. Here are six signs you should look for to tell when your heater in Oceanside, CA, needs professional repair.

1. Increased Energy Bills

When your energy bills surpass the norm, it could signal a heater malfunction. Over time, heaters tend to lose its efficiency. This means that your heater will be overworking itself to keep your home at the right temperature.

To know if your energy bills are escalating, you can compare them with your neighbors’. You can also compare your current bills with last year’s, especially if the weather and heater you use are about the same. If you notice any significant difference, contact a professional technician to come and inspect your heater.

2. Strange Noises Coming from the Heating System

Outdated heating systems are vulnerable to occasional creaking, banging, and rattling. Squealing sounds may mean that your system’s motor bearings have a problem, and rattling can indicate problems with your blower assembly. You may have to call a technician to inspect your system.

Rattling sounds mostly comes up when you start up your heater. This loud, irritating noise can annoy your guests when they visit.

It’s wise to contact a professional to inspect your heating system when it starts to make strange noises. Remember, failure to address this problem in time can lead to more severe problems in the future.

3. The Heater Turns On and Off Too Often

Most heating systems operate on a minimum of 20-minute cycles to reach the set temperature before turning off. If your heater turns on and off more than four times in an hour, it can be a sign of short-cycling. This can occur for a variety of reasons.

Several factors lead to this problem, so it’s essential to contact a technician. Resolving this problem as soon as it occurs prevents increased wear and tear that can result in costly future issues.

4. Problem Adjusting Your Thermostat

When you frequently change your thermostat setting, and there is no temperature change, there is a problem. The system might be having trouble supplying heat evenly throughout your home. Thus, some rooms may feel chilly and others warm. When you notice this issue, you will likely need to replace the system if you do not resolve it as soon as possible.

5. Regular Replacements

It is common to have to deal with occasional repairs. However, when you notice that you are replacing too many components, your heater might be encountering a severe problem.

If you have an old heater model, repairing it might not be difficult, but you could have a challenge finding replacement parts. You might benefit a lot from installing a new heater instead of investing in continued system repairs. When you begin to need frequent repairs on your system, contact a qualified technician to inspect your heater give you an assessment of the issue.

6. Decreased Indoor Air Quality

When you notice that the air in your house is hazy or stuffy for no good reason, then the problem might be originating in your heating system. Faulty furnaces are notorious for circulating allergens, spores, and dust throughout a house. When you notice a greater incidence of respiratory illness in your household, it’s time to call a professional to inspect your heating system.

You can try cleaning or changing the air filter of the heating system first. If this doesn’t help, call in a professional. One of the best ways to help ensure top-notch indoor air quality is by inspecting the filters at least every one to three months.

If you need heating installation, repair, or maintenance services, call West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar today. We have qualified technicians waiting to help you increase the comfort of your Oceanside, CA, home.

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