If you’ve scheduled an appointment for your expert Trane dealer to come to your home to discuss new products or service your existing Trane system, you’ve made a great choice to turn to the experts.

  • When your HVAC dealer arrives, he will want to inspect your existing system to understand the unique details and situation of your home. In doing so, your dealer may request access to all areas of your home–from rooms to crawl spaces, attics, etc.
  • Your expert dealer will ask you several questions about your existing system, if you have one you may want to prepare in advance for these questions.
  • You will also likely be asked questions about your unique heating, cooling and air quality goals and needs.
  • If your HVAC dealer services your Trane products, he may require some time alone working on your system.
  • Once the meeting has concluded, if a follow-up meeting is needed for further discussions or service, you can expect your expert Trane Comfort Specialist to get back in touch with you promptly.