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Why is my HVAC unit so loud?

Typically, air conditioners make some noise because they are big machines having lots of moving parts working to regular the temperature of your home. It is essential to differentiate between the usual noise and the unusual noise. This is why homeowners are encouraged to have an understanding of their air conditioning systems including 

  • how they should sound 
  • when they have developed a problem

But if the noise gets out of hand, that could be a serious concern. Most homeowners frequently complain about noisy air conditioners – but the good news is that that can be resolved. The HVAC unit is probably one of the best modern conveniences that have made our lives very comfortable. But while they are loved for providing cooling relief from the sun of the summer, and warmth during colder days, we prefer them to do to so without being too loud.

Common HVAC Sounds and Causes

It may seem as if the normal noise produced by essential components such as the fans and compressor is too loud. If so, professionals on air conditioning service in Escondido can offer you advice to reduce the noise, such as using some noise-reduction options like adding sound blankets. Bringing in a professional can help to keep some minor noise due to dirty fan blades or areas needing lubricants in check.

However, some loud noises require immediate action. The first thing you need to do when you hear a disturbing noise is to turn the power off to prevent the unit from getting more damaged. You should then contact a professional to take care of the situation. 

Why is it so loud?

Indoor Parts

If you notice loud noise coming from the indoor parts, such as the vents or ductwork. There might be something blocking the flow of air, like dust or small insets. Due to this, the flow of air can be obstructed, and you will notice your system getting louder than usual because air cannot flow freely. When this happens, contact a professional to service the entire system. They can quickly identify the problem leading to the noise and take care of it.

Outdoor Parts

There could be some issues if the noise is coming from the outdoor parts of your air conditioning system. 

•Hissing noise: This is probably caused by leakage of the refrigerant and can lead to inefficient cooling. This has to be taken care of immediately because refrigerants are dangerous to humans.

•Buzzing noise: Likely as a result of an electrical problem with the relay switch, writing, condenser fan motor, or other parts. When this happens, turn off the system and contact a professional because electrical issues can be dangerous.

•Squealing noise: This can occur when too much pressure has built in the AC system. Turn it off immediately and wait for a professional to fix it.

Air Conditioning Replacement in Escondido

Your HVAC system is a complicated machine that requires a trained professional to inspect and replacement it safely. To have an AC replacement in Escondido, contact us at West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning, and Solar. We deliver comprehensive air conditioning services to the residents of Escondido. 

Reach out to us to learn more about preventative air conditioners maintenance or to schedule a replacement for any old, noisy unit.

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