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Solar Power Is a Smart Investment

You can free yourself from dependence on fossil fuels, which pollute the air and contribute the lion’s share of greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, you use the clean, non-polluting power of the sun to provide the majority of the energy needed to run your home.
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power saves you money in several ways. The first is by supplying you with energy you would otherwise have to purchase from your utility company. This energy is supplied by solar panels which are installed on your roof or adjacent structure.

Photovoltaic Solar Systems Use Sunlight to Generate Electricity

The potential is huge; with current PV technology we could supply all of the US’s electrical needs by covering only a third of one percent of our country’s land area in modules. There are no moving parts, so once installed they will deliver energy as long as the sun is shining. The solution is here and you can be part of it. Our photovoltaic systems are fully integrated and carefully coordinated for maximum long term output.


The module turns solar radiation into electricity. PV modules, which we offer, have very high performance and long life. The anodized aluminum frame is corrosion and torsion proof, and the front is protected by tempered safety glass for durability. The modules will look great on your home for the life of the system.

Inverter and Digital Display

The inverter converts direct- current (DC) power from the modules into standard alternative: current (AC) power. It contains display, which shows you what your system is generating. Solutions also include free of charge, monitoring with real time production graphs.

Mounting Hardware

Our mounting system for all modules are carefully engineered for maximum durability and strength.

Net Metering

When your system produces electricity it feeds the power to your existing electrical panel, which then distributes the solar power to your load center in a normal manner. We will help you sign up a “net-metering” agreement with your local electric utility company. Any excess power generated by your system is then sent back to the utility. When you generate more power than you need your meter spins backwards and you are only charged for the net energy you consume.