An Affordable Way to Get Solar Panels

There are many ways to go about getting solar panels on your home. Most of them involve hiring a good contractor to design and install a system on your roof. And, unfortunately, it often involves spending a lot of money up front on the system and installation. Fortunately, there are alternatives that are rapidly evolving that can bring the initial cost of the system down to something much more affordable and sometimes can cost NOTHING up front.


Guaranteed Output

Beyond the immediate savings, going with a Solar Lease means you don’t have to worry about whether or not your system is producing power as it should. As a Solar Lease customer, we’ll guarantee in writing how much energy your system will produce each year and, if we fall short, we’ll pay you for the difference.  In the far likelier case that your system over-performs, however, you won’t be charged a cent more. 

Full-Service Solar

In order to fulfill our Performance Guarantee, we monitor, maintain, and insure our systems at no additional cost. Our proactive monitoring enables us to be the first to know if your system isn’t performing as expected. If something is amiss, we’ll fix it – whether it involves repairing an inverter or replacing panels. It’s the most worry-free way to go solar today.

Prepay Your Solar Lease and Get the Best Rates

Prepaid is a great choice for homeowners who have money saved and want to pay the lowest rate possible for solar electricity.  It’s also the perfect home solar financing for homeowners who have considered purchasing a home solar power system, but don’t want to worry about maintenance, or who don’t pay enough taxes to qualify for the full federal tax credit.