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Logan Heights, CA

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            If you were looking at a map, Logan Heights, CA  would be a neighborhood in central San Diego. With a population of more than 14,000, Logan Heights has the most African American churches from any other city in the U.S.A. Now marketed is the properties of Logan Heights to developers, because of the affordability and the close proximity to downtown San Diego. Residents and tourists alike might enjoy lunch at La Fachada, walking to Memorial Park and flying a kite, or enjoying an evening at the Bread and Salt Art Gallery. West Coast, a company that has served the people of San Diego County for over 20 years, offers their services to the people of Logan Heights.


            We offer high-quality in our work and products. Using Trane for our materials, and having the diverse experience of over 20 years, West Coast uniquely engineers for their clients. From mid-rise buildings to luxury residences, our employees are well-trained and have the work experience for a variety of installments and repairing HVAC systems and Solar. We are passionate about satisfying our customers, providing a safe environment, and creating an eco-friendly atmosphere for the people of Logan Heights.


            Our customers have vouched for us. One reported, “I’m so happy I chose West Coast. Nice to know that they stand behind their products and care about their customers. Giving them 5 stars today!” Another wrote, “The Oceanside city inspector’s comment was, ‘These guys are the best.’ THANKS!” Yet another reported, “They were especially respectful of the integrity of our old home… such hard worker, really went the extra mile for us, solving each new difficulty with creativity and thorough workmanship. We recommend them highly!”