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Get green savings from West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar

Because our environment matters, West Coast Appliance Service brings you a variety of ideas to save energy and resources while you cut heating and cooling costs in your home.  It’s a great way to be good to the environment… and your wallet!

San Diego’s high efficiency heating and cooling

  • 10 year-old furnaces are likely to be only 70 to 80% efficient
  • That means 20 to 30¢ of every energy dollar is being wasted
  • Today’s furnaces are 95% efficient

Regular cleanings and safety inspections

  • A typical home A/C system that’s low on refrigerant by 1/2 pound will lose 25% in efficiency, increasing electricity use correspondingly
  • Leaks in A/C systems allow greenhouse gases to escape into the air and reduce your system’s efficiency
  • Dirty heating systems cost more to run and increase energy consumption
  • Our Maintenance Agreements offer annual cleanings, precision tune-ups and safety inspections to help your home become as energy efficient as possible
  • Save money on service calls, labor and parts while ensuring optimal efficiency from all of your heating and cooling systems

Solar water heaters

  • New, solar water heating systems by AET heat water with the power of the sun  instead of constantly heating as with a traditional tank system
  • Get greater energy efficiency (save up to 80% on energy costs)
  • Save, on average, $160 on water heating costs per year*
  • Solar water heater units last much  longer time than traditional water heaters, creating less metal and glass that must be recycled or placed in a landfill**

Variable-speed blowers

  • New variable-speed blowers use one-sixth the energy of older blowers when connected to your forced-air system
  • If you run the fan all year for circulation, you could save up to $150 in electricity costs – and cut consumption – on blower operation alone

Programmable thermostats

  • Benefit from energy savings combined with improved comfort and convenience
  • Stop wasting energy and dollars when you are away from home or during sleeping hours
  • With proper use, typical savings on heating/cooling costs average 10% per year††
  • More environmentally positive than traditional thermostats, as they contain no mercury and are eco-friendly
†† U.S. Department of Energy calculations