The Business World Is Changing

The cost of energy derived from fossil fuels is continuing to rise, meaning businesses are cutting more and more into profits to pay for electricity. For many businesses, renewable energy is becoming an attractive alternative, not just to reduce pollution, but as a strategic business move. Sunlight and wind are two assets that businesses can now take advantage of.


West Coast Appliance Service is the most trusted installer of renewable in the San Diego, providing solar power systems for commercial operations. We design customized renewable energy solutions that find the optimal solar energy for your site, goals, and budget. With our unmatched experience, dedication, and professionalism, we will help your business gain the clean energy advantage.


You may be able to take advantage of a turn-key service which provides the benefits of PV solar electric, solar thermal energy without any costs, or concerns. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) allow third party energy partners to develop, own and operate on-site PV solar systems and sell the energy back to your company at a reduced fixed rate. This allows our client hosts to focus on their core business, yet reap the savings benefits of stable energy rates in a volatile marketplace. The biggest rewards are a hedge against rising energy prices and the fact that your firm will be joining the green energy movement for environmental stewardship.