Hillcrest, CA is a neighborhood in San Diego, CA with a population of over 31,000 people. There are many locally owned business, restaurants, bars, cafes and neat shops in Hillcrest that would provide a fun evening for any tourist or resident. Hillcrest also hosts the annual San Diego Pride Festival each year, and a Hillcrest CityFest, which offers live entertainment, food and a variety of vendors. A weekly event in Hillcrest is the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market, another fun venture. West Coast, a company established in 1996, serves many areas in San Diego, including Hillcrest, CA.


            With over 20 years of experience, West Coast has worked in many diverse settings, including: installing HVAC in mid-rise buildings, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, homes, luxury residences and more. We offer highly-trained professionals, high-quality equipment, and great prices. First priority belongs to satisfying our clients, but West Coast is also passionate about creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere for the residents of Hillcrest. Just take a look at some of the reviews from our customers:


            One reported, “I highly recommend this company. Honest and fast work. Thanks again.” Or another review said, “My only complaint with West Coast is that they do not do: roofs, windows, plumbing and electrical because I would hire them to do every single project in my home… Thank you West Coast for an amazing job!” Yet another wrote, “The price came in below what other companies told us they would charge. When the worker showed up to do the install, they were courteous, professional, and arrived at the exact time they said they would. We would definitely recommend this company.”