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Heat Pumps to Meet Your Heating and Cooling Needs.

Providing year-round performance for total home comfort, heat pumps are a great solution for your home comfort system. That’s because they work to provide both heating and cooling. Whether it’s the hottest day of the summer, or the coldest day of winter, Trane heat pumps work day in and day out to keep your family in premium comfort.

PLATINUM Series Modulating
Heat Pump – $$$$$

XV20i Heat Pump


The XV20i variable speed heat pump system can both heat and cool your home efficiently, while simultaneously creating a clean and comfortable environment in your home. This system also automatically adjusts to avoid temperature swings to ensure peak energy efficiency.

  • Up to 20.00 SEER/10.00 HSPF
  • Quietest sound rating of 54 dB at minimum speed
  • Next level humidity control
XV18 Heat Pump


One of the industry’s most reliable heat pump units, the XV18 variable speed system has been tested to stand up to the elements, while running as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. This system gives you peace of mind while lowering heating and cooling costs in your home.

  • Up to 18 SEER/10 HSPF
  • Precision comfort to 1/2°
  • Integrated Fan System
XV19 Heat Pump


Our quietest and most energy efficient heat pump, the XV19 heat pump delivers maximum comfort while keeping noise levels low and fitting into space-challenged spaces.

  • Up to 19.50 SEER/12.00 HSPF
  • Precision comfort to 1/2°
  • Quietest sound rating of 57dBA at minimum speed

GOLD Series Modulating
Heat Pump – $$$$$

XL18i Heat Pump


Experience two-stage cooling with the Trane XL18i heating system pump. This heat pump offers flexible family comfort, with the ability to cool every room to the right temperature efficiently and lowering your home cooling costs.

  • Up to 18.00 SEER/ 9.50 HSPF
  • Two-stage Climatuff® compressor
  • Low-Resistance Airflow
XR16 Low Profile Heat Pump

XR16 Low Profile

The XR16 Low Profile side discharge heat pump unit is designed to fit space constrained areas and gives you the reliability you expect from Trane and the energy efficiency you and your family deserve.

  • Up to 17.00 SEER/ 10.00 HSPF
  • Two-stage Climatuff® compressor
  • Low-Resistance Airflow

SILVER Series Modulating
Heat Pump – $$$$$



The XR15 is the smart solution to your home heating and cooling needs. This heat pump is an excellent blend of efficiency and value and is fully compatible with Trane CleanEffects advanced whole home air cleaner to keep your family’s air quality cleaner and healthier.

  • Up to 16.00 SEER, 9.50 HSPF
  • Best Value, Long Lasting Performance
  • Spine Fin™ outdoor coil

BASE Series Modulating
Heat Pump – $$$$$

XR14 Heat Pump


The Trane XR14 is an energy efficient electric and durable heat pump, made to provide total comfort for your family. The XR14 features Climatuff compressors and a Spine Fin outdoor coil.

  • Up to 14.00 SEER/ 8.20 HSPF
  • Climatuff® compressor
  • Galvanized-steel louvered panels